Join  our hands on cooking classes from the comfort of your own kitchen


If you’re flying solo, coming as a pair, or are part of a bigger group,

we’ve got you covered.


Our virtual interactive cooking classes cost USD25 

 per household/device so if you want to work as a team, that’s fine by us.

You can have as many cooks in your kitchen as you like.


If you’re taking part with friends or family who live elsewhere, each household will need to book a place in the class.

You can cook along with us or you can also opt to watch and take notes

either way we´ll see each other online.


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2 large tomatoes
1 fresh green chile (jalapeno, or other)
1 bunch scallions

2 ounces green olives or capers

6 tablespoons unsalted butter or any vegetable oil

2 teaspoons paprika + cumin + crushed red-pepper flakes
1/2 pound grated mozzarella or grated Gouda
2 large tomatoes

1 small bunch fresh basil

NOV 26, 1:00 pm COT

90 minutes virtual class
Private and corporate classes available by request 

Si! It's Vermouth Time!

Drinks & Tapas

Friday, April 23rd
8:00 pm Argentina
7:00 pm NYC
4:00 pm Vancouver
Saturday, April 24th
12:00 pm Sydney
2:00 pm  Auckland

Brought to Buenos Aires at the turn of the 20th century by the city’s first Italian and Spanish immigrants, la hora del vermút (literally, “vermouth hour”) is an Argentinian institution.

It’s a leisurely time, often in the afternoon, when locals congregate in casual bars and cafés to drink vermouth accompanied with some tapas.


In this class we will make together the following tapas:

Buñuelos de espinaca: 

Argentinian fritters made from a dough of  fresh spinach,  parmesan cheese and deep fried.

So delicious!


Almendras especiadas: 

Spicy roasted almonds: a recipe that all your guests are going to ask for.


Gambas al ajillo: 

Is a popular appetizer consisting of shrimps that are sautéed in a pan with minced garlic, lemon juice, paprika, and olive oil. The dish is usually consumed as a tapa.

We will garnish gambas al ajillo with chopped parsley and tomato crusty bread.


We will make an Italian aperitif and a mocktail for the ones than doesn't drink alcohol 


(to give you a sense of what you'll need to buy)

For the Buñuelos de Espinaca:

- Spinach

- Onions
- Parmesan
- Egg

- Flour

For the Gambas al ajillo:

- prawns 

- garlic

- sweet paprika

- parsley

- olive oil

- bread

After registering, you will be receive the link to log into the class,

the complete shopping list and the recipes.

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